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Why Schools?

I was first introduced to educational research during my time working at an archive center at Texas A&M and sifting through old research and memos of school architect Bill Caudill, famous for school design and programming in the 1950s and 60s. His passion for making a difference through design, combined with my mother’s firsthand description of teaching seventh graders, led to a passion for improving learning environments. Schools have since been the constant lens through which I have studied the relationship of people and their environment. They are a place in which the users often have limited control yet spend the majority of their time. I feel it is a social responsibility to ensure educational spaces are as conducive to the stakeholders’ pedagogical vision as possible and provide an engaging experience for students.

I am proud to currently work at DLR Group. DLR Group is a firm that truly believes in the power of facilities to support teaching and learning. We don't just plop down buildings with identical classrooms on double-loaded corridors but understand this industrial model is not suitable to teaching the skills students today need to be successful. We thus work to align facilities aligned with the pedagogy and vision of the school district. To learn more about the firm click here.

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