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My passion is helping schools design and use space better.

My name is Raechel (with an "e"). I help design schools for a living and specialize in the intersection between design and the teaching and learning experience. I recently completed my PhD in Education from the University of Melbourne and work as a K-12 Planner and Researcher at DLR Group. My career and life is based in Austin, Texas but my heart has a second home in Australia, where I spent a year working on the Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change project as a Fulbright Scholar. This year inspired my PhD and still informs what I do today.

This site allows me to disseminate my research - I will be sharing the exciting things happening in school design and use today, opinions on the state of educational architecture, and lessons learned from my research on how to align practice and space to achieve your teaching and learning goals.

If you'd like to learn more or collaborate, I love connecting with educators, administrators, fellow researchers, travelers, and good souls. Give me a shout and let's be friends!

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